Why Study at Brindavan College of Architecture ?

Brindavan College is a leading center for higher education in the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru. It is one of the modern and most respected college in India and currently has approximately more than 1,200 students and 50 staff members. It is situated in the residential area of the northern part of Bengaluru city and is close to the Railway Station, Central Bus Stand and in between Domestic and International airport. The college is made up of 10 different faculties and offers a variety of Bachelor's and Master's degree programs.

Student who choose to come to Brindavan College will not only get the highest quality of education, they will find themselves in an environment to better themselves as a person. Students graduating from Brindavan College become highly sought after in their respective fields.

Incentive Awards : The Management has instituted several incentive awards with a view to encourage merit and academic excellence.

  • Punnya Ann Andrews - II PUC PCBH (2007-08) Best Department Award.
  • Best Teacher Award.
  • Best Outgoing student Award.
  • Best Attendance Award.
  • Merit Awards.
  • Awards in Literary & Cultural Activities.
  • Sports Awards.