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    Architecture is an inherent science of Artistic creative intelligent perception inbuilt in all the living species to make their habitat in Nature. To give an example , observe how a bird builds her nest with security and safety executing all the jobs personally i.e. design, procurement and construction and perhaps nest maintenance.

  • Architecture basically means creating and blending of external and internal spaces and establishing relationships with Unbaised Feeling of human life process.This has to be done in tune with Natural creative process and aligned with the surroundings and local spatial elements. Architecture main purpose is to integrate communities and societies with spaces reflecting particular culture , peoples of way life, .etc. Architecture has nothing to do with spaces , which use excessive natural resources and as well which do not fit in the day to day functional use of communities and societies but remains just decorative without any purpose.

  • In fact Architecture is an integrated domain Knowledge in a perceivable form from the fields of Science, Psychology, Sociology, Biology, Philosophy, Science of Philosophy, Health Science, etc which are linked to human behavioral patterns and needs to be merged into Architecture, which then becomes 'Architecture-ism' – it is a way of Life process to create Super Smart Experience to Users at Living, Educational, Play, Working, Health, Public and Prison spaces ( LEPWHPP) so that external and internal spaces can link inhabitants'/ Users' perception to their inner core of unbiased Feeling to achieve higher experience of knowledge, expand one's awareness and to enjoy the physical spaces to bring communities and societies together.

  • We at Brindavan College of Architecture, strive to make our students achieve this creative process to go beyond the bonds of brick and mortar as well as shapes and guide students to understand Architecture as 'Architecture-ism' as a way of life in society as a whole to bring communities and Societies together at the External and internal spaces.

  • We teach with a new teaching method where lessons will be directly projected into students' perception; a method where students will never forget any of the images, details..etc. Those lessons will remain in their perception and become part of their perception to go easy with the course. We refine our teaching methods from time to time based on the research Faculty do inhouseas well emerging research trends in Architectural Design Globally.

  • This process will be complemented with Centres of Creative Excellence to mould students' Character and over all personality. As Technology evolves, innovation , sustainable design, Green buildings comes as relevance to changing times and will complement 'Architecture-ism' forming an Hon.ble relationship between Man-Built Environment and Natural Environment, which can bring, laurels to our students locally and Globally.

About Brindavan College of Architecture (BCOA)

Brindavan College, Bengaluru, India is a premier educational institution of higher learning in the garden city of India, the Silicon Valley and the knowledge capital of India. The college is located in a calm, serene and eco-friendly environment in the back drop of the Hebballake surrounded by agricultural land and coconut groove of the University of Agricultural Sciences.

It is the brain child of Dr. Majed A.A. Sabha a technocrat-turned- educationist. The college is under the aegis of N.M. Academy - a registered trust committed to foster education. Mr. U.T. Fareed, M.L.A. is the President, Dr. Majed A.A. Sabha is the Chairman and Prof. V.B. Coutinho former Vice-chancellor, Gulbarga University is the Advisor.

The Brindavan College was established in 1993. It had a humble beginning with 127 students in B.A., B.Sc. and B.Com courses. It has over 1400 students from 46 overseas countries.

The new Brindavan College of Architecture started in 2016 (BCOA) is recognized by Government, approved by Council of Architecture, New Delhi, which is the statutory body to approve Architectural professional courses and affiliated to Vishwesaraya Technological University, Belgavi ,Karnataka.

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